Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Cleanser and Disinfectant (No Bleach)

If you're looking for an all purpose cleanser that can disinfect and be safe for your family...
Here it is!

So simple to make and few ingredients, cheap as well!

What you need:
  • Empty spray bottle (usually in the cleaning isle at the grocery/department store)
  • Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Essential Oils- Tea Tree and your favorite scent (I usually use lavender or lemon)
  1. Fill bottle half way with vinegar.
  2. Fill the rest with hydrogen peroxide (so you have a 50/50 mix)
  3. Add about 5-7 drops of tea tree oil.
  4. Add about 5-7 drops of scented oil.
  5. Shake to mix, and every time before use.
Really, it's that easy!

The disinfectant is in the hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.

You can use this in the bathroom, on the kitchen counters after handling raw meat or egg, pretty much everywhere. I have used it on glass and mirrors without having streaking issues as well. I use this for all my cleaning! I no longer say 'no' when my preschooler asks to help clean!

What do you think? Easy and inexpensive!
Have you used natural DIY cleansers before? Do you have a different recipe? 
Please share!

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