Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Bites Review

Disclosure: I received the product below from FunBites to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I was not compensated in any other way.

FunBites was created by a mom who wanted to find a better way to cut up foods for her picky eater. Not only did FunBites make it quicker to cut up foods, it also offered a more fun way to display and eat foods, giving picky eaters a new reason to want to eat what was on their plate!

FunBites makes food cutters in fun shapes like hearts, triangles and squares. These food cutters can be used on multiple types of foods.

For the review Squirrel picked the triangle shaped fun bites!
Some of the foods we cut with fun bites include apples, PBJ sandwhices, meat and cheese sandwiches and chicken/cheese quesadillas. 

I think I liked using Fun Bites best on fruits. While I liked having the sandwiches in smaller pieces I often had the bread split open in the smaller triangles, which I suppose didn't really matter. While some things seamed to take longer to cut up this way, others were much quicker. 

Squirrel thought it was pretty cool eating his apples and sandwiches shaped like little triangles. 

As a matter of fact, right now he is asking for triangle apples! So, I took a break from writing the review and he took a break from his craft project for a Honey Crisp apple cut into triangles... (yes, I left the skins on, wouldn't want him to miss out on those vitamins and nutrients).

Take a guess, how many triangles do you think I got out of one apple?

I bet you are wondering how it works...

This is what the product looks like when it arrives. The popper nests into the cutter. This is how you should keep them when not in use, whether you put them in the dishwasher or in the cupboard for storage.

This is what the product looks like when you separate the popper from the cutter.

To cut your food simply remove the popper, place cutter on top of food and rock back and forth (you can push hard!). Then place the popper back in the top of the cutter and pop the food out.

It is so easy your kids can even cut their own food! I didn't give Squirrel the opportunity, but I hate food waste, so I cut with precision to get the most out of the foods I am cutting.

While this product can be washed in the dishwasher it is recommended to wash by hand. It is a bit tedious to wash depending on what you cut with it, and how much got on the cutter. Peanut butter for instance, was the most difficult to wash off. It didn't take long to wash the cutter for the other foods I used it on.

Visit to purchase FunBites food cutters and to see images of some fun ideas to get your little one to eat healthy!

You can also connect with Fun Bites on Facebook and Twitter!

Do you think this would help diminish food wars in your home? Which shapes would you like?


  1. Oh orange for Halloween. I love these and hope I can get the heart shaped one too. Kids seem to love them too.

  2. Love this time saver! My 3 yr old loves helping me in the kitchen and I bet he would love using this to help cut his sandwiches or other items up. Neat idea!

  3. I've been seeing these on giveaways all over and hope I win one. They really are not that expensive so I should just get one, lol.

  4. I've seen these on sale for a set of 3 and they may have some holiday sales so if you don't win here, there's hope!

  5. I love these. I have added them to my shopping list for Christmas. I hope it will encourage my son to eat more.

  6. I asked for the heart-shaped FunBites for xmas so hope I get one!

  7. I think that these would make kids want to eat foods that maybe they don't usually like or have never tried but cutting it into these unusual pieces.

  8. I'm sure there are several more sites to find ideas on the internet and would love to see an updated review of some resource sites that shows more ideas on how to use the different cutters together.

  9. I have to try something like this for my two year old. She is so much pickier than her sister was at this age.