Friday, May 24, 2013

Traveling With Cloth Diapers

We started cloth diapering when Bug was 4 months old (last summer). It took a while to build my stash so for the first few months we were only cloth diapering part time. Being that we didn't have many cloth diapers, it only made sense to use disposables while traveling.

After having a large enough stash for 2-3 days of cloth diapering between washing we have been able to bring cloth with us when we travel. At this point we have only traveled to visit family and they have been fine with us using their washer/dryer. So cloth diapering just continued as normal. 

This weekend we are headed to our cabin for the long weekend. We are thinking of staying for four days. While I have just enough cloth diapers to get us through four days (if I include the prefolds I never use), I have decided to use disposables. 

This decision makes me feel kind of guilty. But there are a few reasons I have decided to use disposables for cabin trip:
  • The cabin is about 45 minutes from a grocery/department store (and laundromat).
  • The water at the cabin has a high iron content. If I were to hand wash or even rinse off soiled diapers they would turn orange, I don't want orange diapers.
  • Bug is starting to get a rash from the cloth chafing now that he is walking.
I know there are disposable inserts for cloth diapers, but I have never used them and don't want to try them out when I am so far away from the nearest grocery store. Plus, I kind of have an 'all-or-nothing' mentality now when it comes to cloth (for me personally, not anyone else). I just feel that if I were to buy the disposable inserts I may as well just get disposable diapers and not mess with the hybrid disposable system.

This will be the first time I am putting my son in disposables in a 8 months. I have had a few from last summer that still fit him which I have given to grandparents to use when they are watching him. But I personally haven't put one on him.

Are there any situations you decide to use disposables instead of cloth?
Do you travel with cloth? 100% cloth? Hybrid w/disposables?
What influences your decision to use or not to use cloth while traveling?

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