Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home School Pre-K Week 1

Theme: Trains
Talk about trains; what they are used for, the sounds they make, safety near train tracks.
Color the picture of the train.
Read books with trains.

Photo of RR crossing sign (save/print)

Letter: Xx 
What sound does 'X' make? Share examples of words with the letter x.
What shape is the RR crossing sign? X!
Walk around the house, what else looks like an 'x'?
We found shadows, Squirrel used painters tape on the table to make an x, letter magnets.
Practice writing X in a capitals workbook and a lowercase workbook (or find printables).
Have your child color and cut out his 'X'.
Read books with X's. My X Book


Number: 1
Count things around your house that come in one.
While setting the dinner table have your child give each family member 1 plate, 1 fork.
Have your child write the number 1 on an index card and add one sticker.
Give child 1 apple (or other fruit) for snack.

Shape/Color: Rectangle
Talk about the shape of a rectangle. It has 4 sides, two are long, two are short.
Rectangles have four corners.


I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength. Philippians 4:13


In this craft I drew varying sizes of rectangles on colored paper.
Squirrel cut them out then glued them to another colored paper with a glue stick.

Train shapes craft. I pre-cut shapes to make a train.
Squirrel had to re-arrange the shapes to make the train and train cars.
He then glued them on with liquid clue. We discusses "a little spot does a lot".
He seemed to understand at first, but then got a bit experimental and loaded one of the trains wheels with glue.

1. Colored the 'X' then cut it out. Then we hung it back on the bulletin board.
2.  Found a picture of a rectangle with squares in it. Squirrel drew an 'x' in each square. He then cut out the rectangle (he really likes cutting).
3. Making (train) tracks! Click here for instruction.
4. Played with the train set. His tracks make a figure 8. So we also discussed the other shapes we could make with the tracks; circle, oval, triangle (w/rounded edges) and so on.

To wrap up the week we reviewed each of our topics.

Well, for those who home school... how did I do?
For those who don't but are interested... does this sound simple enough?


  1. Love the ideas! I want to be more intentional about doing learning activities with my young one at home.

  2. Great job! Keep it simple - play is so important at this age. Looks like you've got it figured out.