Monday, September 30, 2013

Pleygo Review {Netflix-Like Service for LEGO}

We are LEGO people! Although, up until Pleygo we were Duplo people.

Squirrel was super excited when our first Pleygo box arrived, even though he had no idea what it was until I opened the box!

Thank you Pleygo for providing us with a 3 month subscription to help facilitate our review of your Lego exchange service!

What is Pleygo?

Pleygo is a Netflix style rent, build, return program for Legos. They offer three different types of monthly subscriptions starting at $15.

After you open your account you add Lego sets to your wishlist. Pleygo will then send you the available set closest to the top of your list. Our first set was number 5 on our list. This set could make a fighter jet, a race car or a robot.

Inside the box was the instruction booklet for all three items, a gallon sized bag full of the pieces, a smaller bag with the most common spare pieces and a shipping label to send the box back to Pleygo.

Squirrel was ready to get building... immediately. 
He chose to build the robot first. 

We got about half way through the robot when we noticed we were missing pieces. So I went to the computer and logged into my Pleygo account. I was then able to 'shop' for the missing pieces, which they then mailed to me. Unfortunately it took a full week before the pieces showed up. We didn't really want to waste time and Squirrel really wanted to finish the robot. There were three unused pieces we were able to use to make up for the one missing piece. The other missing pieces were only aesthetic, and not necessary for the structure of the robot, so we just did without. 

He played with this guy for a couple hours. He thought the antenna and the moving 'wings' were pretty cool!

The next day we took it apart and started working on the race car. I was fairly surprised at his ability to follow the instructions and build on his own. He did make a few mistakes, but hey, he's only 4!

After he played with the car for a bit he was ready to take it apart so we could get the box to the mail man and get another set.

These types of play sets are a great way to practice fine motor skills and problem solving!

Despite the missing pieces we have been enjoying Pleygo. Being that they include the return shipping label in the box it was simple for us to return the package. The Pleygo box doesn't fit into the mail box, but I set it on top with the flag up. Our mail man (rather mail lady) took the box. It was pretty simple. If balancing the box on your mailbox doesn't work for you, you can schedule a package pickup with the postal service.

I may be more excited than Squirrel to get our next set! 

Before we got our first set I did have a few concerns:

Germs! --- Each set is cleaned in a unique way to ensure that almost all (99.99%) of the germs are removed before being sent off to the next eager Lego architect.
Missing Pieces! --- Will I be charged, what do I do if a piece is missing or if my child looses a piece? No, you will not be charged for missing pieces. Simply fill out the online form and the missing pieces will be sent to you at no additional charge. Pleygo understands that pieces occasionally go missing.
Shipping! --- Shipping is free (or included in subscription fees). Return label is included with your Legos.

 I think this is a great service for those that don't want to spend the money to own all these Lego sets, or for people like me who just don't want these Lego sets all over the house. I feel like this helps me keep the pieces all in one place.

I also think this would be a great gift idea for the little one in your life, whether you are Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, God Parent, neighbor or long time friends.

Receive your First Month FREE at®ionid=75 or directly at to register!

Are LEGOs a popular toy with your little one(s)? What is your child's favorite thing to build with LEGOs?

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