Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bump to Birthday ---- Journal Your Pregnancy and Baby's First Year

Thank you From You To Me for the Bump to Birthday journal.

All pregnancies and babies are different. As moms we like to remember everything that happened during our pregnancies and once our children have been born. Instead of writing everything down on the calendar and then having to go through every month to remember significant events you have had during pregnancy or after your baby was born, you could get a great journal to help you record all of those moments --- good or bad!

Bump to Birthday journal was designed to do just that! From the moment you find out you are pregnant to your little one's first birthday, you'll have all of your experiences documented and organized in an easy to find, fun to use journal.

The Bump to Birthday journal starts out with information about mommy and daddy and how you found out you were pregnant. The journal then continues with weekly gestational updates from 9 through 40+ weeks. Each week has a description of baby at that week of gestation as well as a space to write what has been going on and how you have been feeling.

Next the journal goes through baby's birth! Labor, delivery and birth stats. Followed by a section devoted to baby's first month. The last section is all about baby's firsts, ending with baby's first birthday. 

The color scheme and bird theme are perfect for your baby boy or girl! Work through the journal with mama bird. 

I really like the design and layout of this book. It is a great pregnancy journal. I like that it has detailed information for each week of pregnancy and space for photos and jotting down notes. I also like the section on all the first. 

There are two things I think this book is missing. First, I like to have a chart to document when my child's teeth come in. For some reason I find it fun comparing how fast/slow, soon/late their teeth come in. That being said, there is a "Notes" section that could be used for this. Second, it doesn't have journaling space for each month in the first year. There is a growth chart that gives you space to write height and weight for each month until the first year, but there isn't space to write down what your child is doing in each month. The firsts section does cover all of that info, but I guess I just like to have it organized a little differently.  

All in all, this is a very cute journal that would be the perfect gift for yourself or someone else when pregnancy arrives! A great way to document all of those pregnancy ups and downs as well as your baby's birth and many firsts! 

You can purchase the Bump To Birthday journal from From You to Me for $29.95.

Disclosure: I received the product pictured above in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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