Thursday, November 13, 2014

Boho Mama Nursing Wrap Review

I prefer not to use a cover when I am nursing in public. Not because I am a lactivist trying to make a statement, or a feminist trying to exert my powers of womanhood, but because I feel that using a cover seems to attract more attention to the fact that my baby is sucking on my breast, which I don't really want.

I usually wear layers, pull one up, leave one down and it basically looks like I'm just holding my baby. But as she is becoming more alert, she is also becoming more distracted while eating and pulling off frequently, leaving me exposed for all to see.

So at about 3 months, I started using my nursing cover more often. Unfortunately, whenever I was using it I felt like I was on display. With a bright pattern, square shape and a plastic hoop to go over my head it was as if I was screaming for someone to awkwardly watch me feed my baby out of the corner of their eye, or straight on, some people want you to know you're making them uncomfortable. You know the kind of stink-eye look or the deer in headlights, they just can't look away.

When it came to finding a new nursing cover I knew I wanted something versatile. Something that I could wear rather than pack in my bag. Something that looked more like an accessory to my outfit than a billboard for my breastfeeding baby.

I started doing some research on shawl style and infinity scarf breastfeeding covers. In the midst of my research I was presented with the opportunity to review the Boho Mama Stylish Breastfeeding Wrap. I jumped. It was exactly what I was looking for!

If you didn't figure it out, the scarf I am wearing in the above picture is the Boho Mama Nursing Wrap! Unless I told you, or this wasn't a review for a versatile nursing wrap, you never would have guessed it was anything other than a scarf, right?

The first thing I did when I took the Boho Mama Nursing Wrap out of the packaging was rub it against my cheek. Yep, that's right. I couldn't believe how silky, buttery smooth it was and I couldn't wait to try it out, but my baby was sleeping. So instead I just put it on and played a bit with some of the many ways to wear it. I fell in love with this breastfeeding shawl so fast that I practically threw my other one in the garbage right then and there!

The shawl is made from a lightweight organic bamboo modal with a bit of spandex, which is what makes it so soft and flowy (is that even a word?). This breathable fabric will keep your baby from getting too warm, even on the hot days. It is a nice neutral grey color, sure to look great with most of your wardrobe. It measures 27" wide and 75" long. Boho Mama is machine washable, so go ahead and use it as a burp cloth too, just throw it in the wash when you get home!

While you are breastfeeding this shawl gives full coverage. So whether you layer garments or avoid wearing nursing tanks, your torso will be fully covered while your little one visits Mom's Cafe. Because of it's length and width, you also don't have to worry about shifting positions and being exposed. This shawl will cover your back and sides.

I can't say for sure, because I haven't tried it, but I think this would also be a great breastfeeding cover for nursing multiples. I am fairly confident that you could fit twins under this wrap and still not be exposed.

It is crazy how big this wrap is and how much it covers, yet how little space it takes up in a diaper bag or around your neck.

It is winter here now, but I could definitely see myself wearing this as a shawl over the top of a nursing tank and making it part of my outfit. Check out Boho Mama on Amazon for some other great ways to wear the Nursing Wrap, even while pregnant! You don't have to be a nursing mom to wear this comfortable, stylish nursing warp!

I really like this breastfeeding cover. I've been telling everyone about it! The only thing that may deter someone from buying this cover is the price. But for everything you can do with this cover, incorporate it into your wardrobe while nursing, wear it as a main piece of your outfit while pregnant, nursing or when you are no longer nursing, and the obvious, using it as a breastfeeding cover, you really do get all the bang for your buck. The Boho Mama Nursing Wrap has endless options!

Visit amazon to purchase your Boho Mama Nursing Wrap. They are currently 25% off! But through the end of November my readers can get the wrap at 50% off retail! That is an amazing deal! Use code ARKRLDUS at check out for your 50% off discount! They'll also be releasing a purple wrap before the end of the month!

Which color will you choose?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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