Monday, April 29, 2013

FuzziBunz Diaper Review (One Size)

 Just so no one gets confused, this is the old style FuzziBunz.

The new design is similar, with the main difference being that it is larger, so it can fit your little one through potty training.

You can no longer purchase this diaper new, but if you are buying used FuzziBunz, more than likely this is what you are getting.

FuzziBunz come in perfect size or one size, this review is of the one size diaper. 

This was the first company to design a stay dry diaper! All of their diapers have a soft fleece layer which goes against baby's skin and wicks the moisture away.

This pocket diaper has a very unique design when compared to other pocket diapers:

First off, the overall shape is different. Which seems to have no positive or negative impact on the function of the diaper.  It is however narrower in the crotch, which gives a nice trim fit.

Secondly, the diaper is one-size but does not have the typical snap down rise.
This diaper adjusts by pulling the leg elastic tighter.  The leg elastic is attached with buttons. There are numbers along the elastic as well as button holes to get the right fit for you little one. Check out their sizing chart (brown picture). This also allows for easy elastic replacement.

The pocket opening is along the top of the back of the diaper.

FuzziBunz One Size diapers (new and old) come with two microfiber inserts.
The old style came with two inserts, same size. Both 4 layers of microfiber.
The new style comes with two different size inserts, regular and newborn.

Pros and Cons of FuzziBuns One Size (old style):

  • Trim Fit
  • Easy to adjust size
  • Easily replace relaxed elastic
  • Four layer inserts (my favorite)
  • I am not a fan of pocket openings at the top of the diaper. I prefer openings further down and with a flap. Even a little flap helps to control blow outs!
  • Does not have a tummy panel. Fine for short awake periods. Not good for boys for extended periods, naps, overnights, car rides.
  • The diaper, and inserts, are narrower than most other inserts. This means that you have to use the insert it came with, because most other inserts will not fit into the diaper. Just makes for more sorting when doing laundry if you have multiple brands of diapers.

Overall I like the diaper but it is not my go-to diaper. I mainly use it if I have to change Bug's diaper with in an hour of nap or bed time.

Because it does not have a tummy panel I would not recommend this diaper as the choice for an entire stash, but it does make a good addition to a stash like mine (one that includes a variety of styles and brands).

I did not receive monetary or product compensation for this post. I was not asked to write a review. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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