Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Finally Came to MN!

Friday was the start of spring! Finally! 
Which was a complete change of weather from last weeks blizzards!
We were beginning to wonder if spring was ever going to show it's face.

Friday we went to the MN Zoo with some friends Squirrel really enjoyed himself. His favorite part was the wolverine, it was racing back and forth, so naturally he raced back and forth with it!

Saturday Squirrel and I got some gardening done and planted some seeds for our veggie garden. It was nice to be back out in the garden.

He got this cute Veggie Tales gardening bag from the Easter Bunny. In the bag were his own gardening tools and carrot and tomato seeds. We also planted some beans, spearmint, basil, cilantro, green onions, green bell peppers and hot peppers.

About 4 hours after planting the seeds he asked if they were done. :)

Assuming we don't get anymore snow storms, we'll plant them outside in a couple weeks.

I have a decent sized perennial garden in the front yard. I also put a couple tomato plants out here because they are easy to grab when I am cooking, and they grow really well in this location.

We started cleaning out the garden. Last year I only kept 1/3 of it weeded, I was just too busy. I am hoping if I can get a good jump start in the next week and clean the whole thing out that we can keep the whole garden looking nice all summer.

We didn't get as far as I would have liked on Saturday, but got part of it cleaned out.

Squirrel got to use his veggie tales tools. Here he is hand cultivating!
He is such a great garden helper!

It was so bright outside and I couldn't see the pictures I was taking. I laughed when I put this on the computer... he looks so angry with shovel in hand.

He enjoyed digging holes in the garden and didn't want to put the shovel down.

It was great to finally have some 70 degree days! Even though it was as warm as it was, I couldn't convince Squirrel to take his sweatshirt off.

Hopefully we can finish the gardens before it goes back down to 40 on Wednesday. I just hope we don't get any more snow!

What did you do to enjoy the weather this weekend?

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  1. Tomatoes and perennials are some of my favorite things to grow. They are hardy and easy to care for! Anne Sweden