Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby #3 is a... (and my feelings about finding out)


I wasn't going to find out the gender. I didn't want to.

Then at about 14 weeks I suddenly really felt like I had to know. I wanted to be prepared, more so, if I found I was having a girl, I wanted to start getting rid of all the containers of boys clothes that I have been hanging on to.

But then when I was 19 weeks, a friend posted the gender reveal of her baby. I suddenly realized that it didn't matter. I didn't have to know. She was having a boy, I was so thrilled for her, but I would have been just as thrilled if she were having a girl. This is her second pregnancy and I pray that the lord lets her bring this little one home with her. But I am just so excited for her, gender doesn't matter. 

So I was then in a comfortable place of not know, just waiting until this little one made his/her appearance was something that I was at peace with. 

I also felt a lot of pressure to find out... from friends and family! Because we have two boys, everyone wanted to know if we were going to have another one or if it would be a girl this time around. 

But, most importantly, my husband really wanted to know. So I toyed with the idea of him finding out and not me. But I knew that wasn't going to work. While most of our baby stuff is gender neutral, the clothes aren't. So if I were having a girl, he'd probably buy a few things, if I were having a boy, he'd do nothing. So I felt like I'd find out anyway. 

I guess now they don't send the gender info to your OB/midwife. The u/s tech waited until the end of the screening then asked us if we wanted to find out. I looked at my husband who then said "YES!". 

Well, she didn't find any boy bits. 

I know that there is still a possibility this baby could be a boy, a shy boy. But the tech was pretty confident it is a girl. 

So, am I getting rid of all those boy clothes?! Nope, not yet. I still feel there is too strong a possibility this baby could come out a boy. So we are hanging onto the boy clothes for now, just in case. But we will be adding some girl clothes to the mix! 

As the saying goes "Pictures are worth a thousand words!". So to announce this baby's gender, I showed the picture above. I don't think me saying "were'r having a girl" could express the emotion quite like this photo could. 

We couldn't be more excited to add another little one to our family. But we have no clue what to do with a girl! 

Did you and your significant other find out the gender of your baby before it was born, did you wait? Did you have differing opinions? Please share your story in the comments! 


  1. I wanted to know every single time :) I like to be prepared.. and when they told me #5 was a girl, I still held onto all the boy stuff hehe.. just in case.. even though 3 separate techs on 3 separate occasions told me it was a girl lol But I still bought girly stuff and everything that was given to me at the baby shower was all girly stuff.. which of course we did need because we did indeed have a girl. After 4 boys I did worry that I wouldn't know what to do with a girl, but aside from diaper changes, she wasn't that much different to take care of and still isn't :)

    1. Even though I am hanging on to the boy clothes, I'm wondering what I will do when she comes out a girl and I will be faced with selling/giving them away. I wonder if I'll be able to let go of the baby stuff in general.

  2. I have three children. Two girls and a boy. With each one I toyed with the idea of not finding out but I would get to around week 16 and just couldn't wait. I liked knowing so I could go through the million different names with my husband and buy all the stuff that we needed. My husband also wanted desperately to know so he could start buying clothes. The funny thing is that I knew what each child's gender was before the u/s tech even told us. It was just a feeling I had. Especially with my son. He's 3 months old now and I knew from the minute I found out I was pregnant that he would be a boy. My pregnancy was just so much different from when I was pregnant with my girls.

    1. See, I felt that my first two pregnancies were the most different. But both boys! I didn't have the feeling with the second one that it would be a girl, but I really wanted it to be a girl. Of course I love him and would not want it to be any other way though. This time I had a feeling of girl, but I assumed boy. I was also in the mindset that a baby is a baby and I didn't really 'want' a girl in the same way as I had before. I was just feeling blessed to have another baby.