Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Bible Verse Lesson and Banner for Valentines Day

Today I got an e-mail from What's in the Bible. In this e-mail were a few different coloring pages for Valentine's Day. I saw a worksheet from, which had four hearts with Love themed Bible versus and I immediately printed them off. I had an idea of using these for a love banner. 

It would give Squirrel a chance to color, cut and glue as well as give us some time to discuss these Bible versus and how they relate to Valentine's day as well as the love God has for us always.

We started our lesson by reading each verse together and discussing how it relates to us, those around us and God's love for us.

Squirrel then colored the hearts with a red and pink crayon and cut them out. After the four hearts he was done with cutting, I actually had to convince him to finish cutting the last one.

I also cut out 9 hearts on colored construction paper. I used red, pink and purple. I glued each of the the Bible verse hearts to a colored heart, leaving 5 hearts left over.

Then, using tape, we attached the hearts to some yarn. I started with a solid color then alternated with the verse hearts.

We hung our banner on our homeschool white board.

How do you bring God's love into Valentine's Day? Please share your ideas!

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