Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Valentine's Craft

One day last week I wanted to do a Valentine's craft, but it had to be suitable for my almost two-year-old as well as my four-year-old. I also didn't want to have to go purchase craft supplies for a simple project. I wasn't getting much inspiration from Pinterest so I just took out some colored paper, crayons, markers and glue... because it is Valentines themed I stuck to red, pink, white, and purple colors.

I cut out two larger hearts and a bunch of smaller hearts from the colored paper.

I gave each of the boys some markers, crayons and hearts. They simply decorated as they pleased.

While both the boys had a lot of fun decorating their hearts, I was quickly reminded as to why I usually wait until Bug is in bed before I do any sort of messy (or even slightly messy craft)...

By the time we were done, Bug was covered in marker, as well as the table cloth and chair. To him it is more fun to color on the things mommy says not to color on.

The boys have very different personalities. Squirrel has always kind of worked "inside the box". He stays on track pretty well, he colors on designated coloring pages. I never had the need for washable markers with him. He just used the regular crayola ones I already had. Well, Bug is a different story... but he had fun!

What are some fun crafts you do with your toddler that your older children also enjoy?

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