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Crinkle Shirt (By Magnus Pater) Review

Disclosure: I received the product below to help facilitate my review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own and are completely honest.

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Until I was contacted by Magnus Pater, I did not know this type of product existed! 
What a great gift idea for the dad, grandpa, or uncle to-be in your life.

Magnus Pater means "Great Father" in Latin. They are dedicated to families and understand the importance of children bonding with the male figures in their lives. Their Crinkle Shirt is meant to be a tool for dads (and other males in a child's life) to entertain and bond with their little ones.

While this shirt looks no different on the outside, than any other shirt in your closet, it truly is unique.

What you don't see... is what is hidden in the pockets.

The shirt doubles as a baby/toddler toy, engaging your little one's sense of sight, touch, and sound.
Those with small children know how much babies and toddlers love pockets and flaps. Your little one will get a pleasant surprise when they start to play with the pockets on this shirt. When baby lifts the flap of one pocket he will experience a bumpy texture. Then baby can play peek-a-boo as he lifts the flap of the other pocket and exposes the mirror. As baby is playing with the flaps he will also be engaging the crinkle sound. This small piece of crinkle (CPSIA compliant) behind the pocket is big enough for baby to have fun with, but not so big that you'll engage the crinkle sound while going on with everyday activities.

This shirt can be worn anywhere. It can be utilized while sitting at home or playing at the park!

While I haven't had the chance to try this scenario, I think it would be great at the grocery store. Trying to keep your little one entertained while you shop is not an easy task. I prefer to do our shopping when my husband can come with. That way I can shop much faster while he entertains the boys and pushes around the cart. He probably wouldn't have to do much entertaining with this shirt on, the pockets would be at the perfect level while Bug is riding in the cart.

The mirror is a hard shatter resistant plastic, not flexible, so baby can clearly see his reflection. Bug was pretty interested and tried to take the mirror out, fortunately, he had no such luck.

The textured material is similar to what you find on the bottom of footed pajamas.

 The shirt comes in two different checkered patterns which are appealing to babies and toddlers alike (sizes range from M-XL). 

The shirt is 100% cotton. Wash and rinse in cold water, hang try to avoid shrinking.

What did my boys think of the Crinkle Shirt?
Bug is 17 months old. He is a fairly distracted boy. He goes back and forth. He liked the surprises the shirt had to off and would return to check it out again, but didn't stay for long at any given time. Squirrel is four. He thought the shirt was pretty cool. I was surprised that he actually had interest in playing with it too.

While the shirt is geared toward children two and under, I would say the optimum age is between 6-12 months. When they are still used to sitting on someones lap and aren't distracted by walking. We plan on having one more baby. I think this shirt will make going out and about with an older baby much easier!

What did my husband think of the Crinkle Shirt?
The button-down plaid is totally his style. The first time he wore the shirt wasn't even to play with Bug. He got home from work, changed out of his dress clothes and put this shirt on just because he likes it. This will be a regular shirt for him, whether or not the children are around.

Would I recommend the Crinkle Shirt to a friend?
I sure would! This would be a great baby shower gift for that new dad. Showers are usually geared toward mom-to-be or baby and I am usually stumped to find that perfect gift for daddy-to-be. It would also be a great Christmas gift!

Buy it: You can purchase these shirts at for $64.95.

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