Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Visited by the Saints

June 30th marked the 7 year anniversary of us purchasing our house. When we moved in I immediately started plotting out my gardens and planting with whatever perennials I could get my hands on. While gardening I am constantly finding chunks of brick and cement as well as nails, pieces of siding, roofing materials and other random construction debris that was left behind when the house was originally built.

Seven years and one day after moving into the house I was cultivating my garden to remove the weed seedlings that wanted to take over (they will NOT win this year). I have been doing a great job at keeping the garden looking nice since the snow cleared last week! Okay, the snow was long gone by last week, but seriously, the Minnesota winter hung around so long it seemed like last week. 
As I was cultivating I turned up something that looked like a cement chunk. But upon closer examination I had a flash back to the days of working at Hallmark. It wasn't a chunk of cement... it was Saint Joseph!

Why, you might ask, was St. Joseph in your garden?

If it weren't for having worked at Hallmark and seeing the merchandise I would not have known the significance of this 3" plastic statue.

It is said that if you are selling your home, but have no buyers and the market is stale, you can purchase a statue kit with prayer, like the one at Amazon, to help sell your house. As the tale goes, you plant St. Joseph upside down facing the street. Some sites suggest planting by the "For Sale" sign while other sites suggest planting near the home or in a flower pot. You say a little prayer and St. Joseph will help your house sell.

I happen to know the people who sold us the house. We even attend the same church! Hopefully I will get the chance to ask them if they planted the statue. They were the second homeowners, so it could have been the original homeowners. I don't remember how long the house was on the market, but I think it was at least a few weeks. Anyway, maybe they would like to have it back? Maybe it will be helpful to them when they sell their current house?

What do you think? Do you believe this will really help a person sell their house? Has St. Joseph helped you sell? While I don't believe the statue has much to do with selling a house, I do believe in the power of prayer.
But hey, it could be fun. It was kind of an exciting find in the garden!

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  1. I loved reading this post about your St Joseph discovery! He is one of our family's favorite saints. And yes, he has helped us sell 2 different houses, but we never did the statue thing. I know many people are uncomfortable with asking saints for help, but to me it makes perfect sense. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus and lives with Him now in Heaven. He's also a fellow believer. Of course I can ask him to pray for me, just as I do to my Christian friends on Earth. That's what the Communion of Saints is all about. We are all united, whether on Earth or in Heaven.