Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Angel Sun Catcher - Christmas Craft

We try to do crafts that help focus on Jesus and His story around Christmas. I saw a really cute craft with this same concept, only it had the nativity scene. Well, I am too impatient to try to cut out the nativity scene for this craft, so I decided to do an angle one!

I looked on Google for an angel silhouette, but when I found one I liked, they were going to charge me for it. So I made my own. I am not that great with drawing. I could not get the angel symmetrical. I came up with half a design I liked, then flipped it over to mirror the other side.  See my template and get your supplies list in the pic below.

Once I had my template, I drew it on a black piece of paper. I then drew an oval around the angel and cut it out in one piece.

I cut out a piece of contact paper just big enough for the whole angel/oval to fit on top of. I placed my silhouette on the piece of contact paper. I had some pencil lines on the black paper, if you have some too, make sure the pencil lines are facing you.

After the silhouette is on the contact paper have your little ones start adding small cut out pieces of tissue paper, covering all of the contact paper inside the oval. You can use whatever colors you wish. We happened to already have red and green cut out from an apple project we did this fall and I couldn't find my other colored tissue paper. I think multiple colors would be nice, or even blue/purple/red colors!

Bug helped for about two minutes, then got bored. So Squirrel and I finished it up!

Once the whole thing is covered with tissue paper add the second piece of contact paper (sticky sides together). Press down all around the contact paper to make sure everything is stuck together. Cut around the oval, leaving about 1/4 of an inch. Your angel sun catcher is finished! Just hang in desired space, windows are best! 

Are there any specific crafts you like to do with your children around Christmas? Share your craft ideas or your finished sun catcher projects! 

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  1. This is such a cute project. I think that making crafts with kids is a win win, why? Because you stimulate their creativity and learning skills, and you get to spend good quality time with your little angels. Thanks for sharing this project!