Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Growing Family...

About a week after this photo was taken I found out that my husband and I are expecting out third baby! Our "little" Bug is going to be a big brother! Although, he has no clue what is going on, but Squirrel is really excited!

I've always wanted a big family... well, I've always wanted more than two kids. I only have one sibling. My mom has 4 sisters (one of which watches in on us from heaven) and my dad has two brothers. Going to family gatherings with either side of the family always meant there were a lot of people around. 

I've always thought it would be nice for my kids to have more family to rely on, or to turn to in the even they needed something.

When my husband and I got married we both wanted to have at least three kids, but were leaning on 4... then Squirrel was born! For at least six months, there was no part of me that wanted another kid, but then as time went on, I knew I still wanted more. It took my husband about a year to be comfortable with another child.

Then came Bug, 2 3/4 years after Squirrel. He was a much easier baby than Squirrel, but oh man, he is an adventurous toddler! This kid is all over the place! As soon as Bug came out, I knew I still wanted another!

I have two wonderful little boys and can't wait to welcome this little one into our family sometime around July 3rd! 

Here is a photo of me at 5 weeks and the boys, shortly after we found out! 

Updated 13 week post coming next! 

How many kids do you have? Have you always known how many you want? Did you decide you want more or less than you originally thought?

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  1. We always wanted 4 and we have 4. :) Boy, girl, boy, girl.