Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in the Candy Cane

In the spirit of keeping Christmas about Christ we did a lesson the other day about the candy cane.

I downloaded a mini book from Christian Preschool Printables called A Candy Cane Christmas. It's one page that you can print in color or in black and white for the kids to color. You then fold it into a little book. This mini book describes how the candy cane relates to Christmas and Christ.

We continued our lesson with a neat candy cane ornament craft that also pulls in a little science. You can find the instructions for this ornament at The Squishable Baby, she's also got a printable instruction sheet, which is really handy. This is a simple craft that requires pipe cleaners, borax and water (technically also a glass and a pencil), but it does have to sit overnight. 

Squirrel really enjoyed the craft and the lesson about the candy cane! Actually, two days after the lesson he was given a candy cane and said "It's hard like a rock, because God is our rock!"

Do you have any other great candy cane lessons that you do with your kids around Christmas?

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