Monday, June 10, 2013

Dutch Baby Cloth Diaper Review

One of my new favorites!

While I don't currently 'need' more diapers. I would love to replace many of them that I currently have with some more Dutch Baby diapers.

I was really lucky to have won a store credit to Dutch Baby!

One of the items I purchased with my credit was a one-size pocket diaper.

While I was looking through the available prints I saw this one and fell in love. I asked my husband for his opinion, which probably wasn't the smartest thing, because he could have preferred a different print or said the usual "I don't care".  But to my surprise, not only did he chose one, but he chose the same one I had in mind! I hadn't even told him my pick yet!

 The print is called Multi Mystery and I requested boy-ish colored snaps.

This one-size diaper features four rise settings; extra-small, small, medium and large (unsnapped).

Two rows of 10 snaps to adjust fit around the waist. 

This inside of the diaper has a unique design when compared to our other diapers.
The wicking material is a breathable jersey fabric. The pocket opening is in the back, but not at the top. The opening is overlapped, which helps prevent messes from getting inside the pocket. The encased leg elastic is stretchy and fits nicely around Bug's legs without digging in.

This diaper is very well made. Camilla does some great work. Her stitching is clean and even.

The fit is great too! I sometimes have issues with a good fit on my little chunk.
In the pictures he is on the largest rise setting. Most diapers he is between medium and large.

This diaper has been great for us during day time use. I have used a BumGenius insert in this diaper as well as a Best Bottom (medium). I prefer the fit of the BB in this diaper.

I have not tried this diaper for naps or overnight, and I probably won't. Because Bug sleeps on his tummy, I only put him in diapers for sleep times that have a tummy panel, otherwise he gets tummy leaks

While I really like the jersey inner, I avoid using this diaper if I know he is due for a bowel movement. Because of the texture it seems more difficult to keep the material from staining.

I also got one of the wet bags and a key chain.

The wet bag is great! It is 12" x 12", zipper opening and snap handle for only $8!
Seriously, you can't beat that! The key chain is super adorable!

At some point I think I'll have to get one of the AIOs, but that may have to wait until my next baby.

I was not asked to write a review, nor did I receive any compensation for this review.

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