Saturday, June 22, 2013

Squirrel's 4th Birthday!

Squirrel's birthday was this week. He turned 4. Where did the time go?

Seriously, when people first heard I was pregnant a lot of them said "It goes by so fast!".
I really got sick of hearing that. Yes, it goes by fast, I get it.

When he was born he was so tiny, only 7 lbs, 7 oz.

It didn't take long for him to start putting on the weight. He was a super chunky baby always coming in between 75th and 90th percentile for weight but only the 50th for height.

Yes, it goes by fast.

No matter how many times I have heard it, no matter how many times I have said it, it goes by fast.

It is strange to think that this year is my 8th wedding anniversary,
Squirrel has been around for half of our marriage!

It goes by so fast.

This year we celebrated with some of his friends, in the past we have only celebrated with family.
We picked up some pizzas (and of course cake) and met up with some friends at Elm Creek Park.
The park has a huge play system.

After eating pizza the kids had some play time and ran off some energy.
We then re-convened for some cake!

Who doesn't love cake? I didn't order it in advance so we got whatever was available in the deli.
It was a chocolate cake with fudge icing. It was decorated with large circle sprinkles and mini ice cream cones. Oh my gosh was it tasty!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" and with a little help from friends he blew out his candles.

Then it was time for presents. This kid is spoiled. He got his favorite things:
action figures, bubbles, a book and a hooded batman towel!

When the kids arrived I gave them all a birthday hat and a little goodie bag. Squirrel wanted nothing to do with the hat until someone showed him that he could put it on his butt and pretend he was a bee. He then proceeded to 'sting' mommy and daddy.

He had so much fun! I really enjoyed watching him with his friends. 

I am happy that we decided to do something at the park rather than at our house, it was much less stressful.

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