Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Hand Print Craft for Father's Day

This year we decided to do a home made Father's Day craft. I have always liked hand print projects so I searched Pinterest and found a really cute family hand print craft.

Squirrel loves crafts!

The only down side to doing a family hand print craft for Father's day is that you have to get daddy's hand print. Which gives away part of the surprise. When I traced daddy's hand I had him close his eyes, at least that way he didn't know the details of the hand print.  

The hardest part was getting Bug's hand print. I had heard of two different tactics to getting the print of an infant/toddler.

The first one I tried was to get him to keep his hand down long enough to put a mark at the tip of each finger and the bottom of the palm.  I only got two finger tips marked before he started to get upset. 

The other tactic was to put oil on the baby's hand, or in our case, toddler's hand. So I pulled out my coconut oil. After rubbing it on Bug's fingers and palm I quickly placed his hand on the paper. Then I traced around the oil mark and cut out the perfect little hand print.

I chose to use bright colored papers and alternated solids with patterns so each of the prints would stand out.

Make sure when you trace everyone's hands that you do so on the 'wrong' side of the paper (and with the same hand). Then cut the hands out. When you flip them over they'll be on the right side and there will be no visible tracing marks.

Gluing the hands down, starting with the largest (typically Daddy's). Continue gluing hands down in descending order of size with the bottom of the palms aligned.

You can then find a cute poem or Bible verse to write on/around the hands.

I chose just to put our names on our hands and title it "Our Family". I also included the date so when I am looking back a it in 10 years I'll remember how old the boys were.

Then I put it in a picture frame.
I really like how it turned out. 

I wanted to do something a bit more exciting than just having Squirrel give him the gift. 

We decided to do a treasure hunt. Daddy had to search the house (and close outdoors) to find his gift.

I had Jackson draw a picture of daddy. On that paper we taped his first clue.

He then had to go to his tool box...

His shoes...
The couch...

The pantry...

And eventually the grill where he found his present!
(Yes, it is in a pink bag!)

Daddy really liked his gift. He decided he wants to put it in his cubicle at work.

Unfortunately Bug was asleep while daddy went on his little scavenger hunt.
I think we'll have to make another one of these. I'd really like to have one for our dining room!

What did you and your kiddo's do for their daddy for Father's Day?

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