Monday, June 17, 2013

Pictures Are Deceiving!

Father's Day was a busy day for us and also happened to be my husband's birthday.
After Bug woke up from his nap we decided to get outside and head to the park to play a round of disc golf. Have you ever played disc golf? It is my husband's favorite sport.
It is played like golf only with a flying disc (frisbee) instead of a ball and a chain basket instead of a hole.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Warm, sunny, dry!
Here in Minnesota we have been waiting for these days. It has been a cold and rainy spring.

Here is a picture of my boys enjoying our time on the disc golf course!

Actually, it was quite miserable. 

The mosquitoes were horrible! 
We pretty much ran through the first five holes. 
I gave up throwing my disc after hole one in an attempt to keep the blood sucking insects off my little man.
I sprayed the little ones and myself with some bug spray, but it wasn't enough. 
The mosquitoes were vicious!

Then add a whining (almost) four-year-old.

We gave up after the 6th hole. This course has a total of 18 holes!

How did I get the decent picture? 
Well we were at the top of a hill in an open space where the wind was blowing.
In this spot we were safe(ish). 
There were only a handful of skeeters vs. the thousand everywhere else.

Has anyone else ever been in a miserable situation, but the photograph tells a more promising story?

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  1. We've had days like this, too! Funny that in the midst of it all you can gather everyone together for a quick picture. lOL