Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mommy FAIL!

I told myself I would not allow this to happen to Bug.

I was cautious. Double checking. Triple checking.

Today... today I didn't second guess myself. Today... my 'baby' fell down the stairs.

We live in a split level. There is a gate at the top of the stairs. I thought it was closed, I whole heartedly believed it was closed. I let him walk away while I cleaned out his potty chair.

I stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see him start tumbling down the stairs.

My heart skipped beats as I ran to his aid. I was sweating and shaking as I picked up my screaming 15 month old.

It took less than a minute to calm him down. He was completely responsive, but very cuddly (although he has been extremely clingy for the last few days due to his teething).

We all have those moments where we take our eyes of our child for short period of time. You honestly can't watch your child every second of every day.

I just thank God that in that moment my little boy was OK.

He is not damaged. He is still here. I still have my little Bug-A-Boo.


  1. When our daughter was younger, we had a close call. We were in Sam's Club and she was sitting in the cart, but unrestrained. We had our backs turned, looking at something on the shelves and another shopper pointed out that our daughter was standing and about to tumble. Hubby got to her in the nick of time. We are ever grateful to that observant shopper. Sam's Club floors are concrete and our daughter could have been SERIOUSLY injured due to our negligence.

  2. My baby falling is one of my biggest phobias. We have a tile floor, and I am always so afraid that she is going to learn how to roll over and fall straight off the bed. I have heart palpitations just thinking about it.