Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashion and Function with NIMLI Kitara Pashmina Shawl {Review}

Thank you Nimli for the shawl!

Nimli is a web based company that brings together many different makers and designers to one location where they all have a chance to sell their product to the interested consumer.

They sell products for the whole family; mom, dad, kids, baby! You'll even find products for around the home. It is a one-stop on-line shopping experience!  

I was sent the Kitara Pashmina Shawl for review. This is a very versatile shawl that not only looks classy, but can also keep you warm on those cool summer nights!

What I first noticed upon opening this shawl is how soft it is, even the stitching. I often have issues wearing shawls and scarves because the edge stitching is usually rough and itchy. This shwal is 100% viscos, with a fine weave that is so soft and comfortable on the skin. It is 72" long by 28" wide with fringed edges. Keep in mind that this shawl is dry clean only.

The fabric is soft and light, but when I wore it in replacement of a winter scarf I was surprised at how warm it kept me. It wasn't anything like wool, but it did keep the chill out! While it is still winter here in Minnesota (and probably will be until August) I think this shawl will be a great light option for accessorizing in the warmer months as well.

The width of the scarf and the fringe give it a great look whether you are wearing jeans and a shirt, like I am for these photos, or if you are using it to cover your shoulders for a night out in your little black dress. 

Being a mom, I always try to find ways to make my life easier. I like to find ways to incorporate fashion and function. This shawl definitely has potential to be a great nursing cover, one that you wouldn't have to stuff into the diaper bag! Wear the shawl while out and about with your little one. When it is time to nurse, simply loosen the shawl and drape across you and your baby. When baby is done eating, simply wrap the shawl how you originally had it rather than adding more bulk to your already-too-full diaper bag! 

I could also see it working well as a shade cover for a newborn while playing at the park with your older children! 

The only down side I've seen to this shawl so far is that it snags easily when it comes in contact with hook and loop (aka Velcro).  But fortunately I can stretch the fabric back out and it isn't very noticeable that it had snagged. I just have to be more careful when wearing it and carrying the kids around while wearing their coats. 

All the great qualities of this shawl make it super versatile and a perfect addition to any wardrobe! An easy way to accessorize for any occasion whether you are going casual, elegant or dressy!

Buy it: You can purchase the scarf on the NIMLI website for $20.00 right now (that's 76% off)! There are many color options to choose from! 

Coupon Code: Nimli is also offering my readers and even deeper discount! Get an additional 20% off any Kitara scarf or shawl (many colors, prints and styles) with code justmeandtheboys20! Discount code is valid through April, 9th! 

Which scarf or shawl will you choose? 

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