Saturday, March 1, 2014

#KISSlashes How to Apply False Lashes

Thank you Kiss products and Influenster for the Kiss lashes to review.

Ok, so this wound up being more difficult than I thought...

I have only used false lashes once before today. That was for Halloween a couple years ago! Anyway, when I got the Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in my Jadore Vox Box I was pretty excited. A friend of mine suggested I look at YouTube to find tutorials on application.

All of the videos said, "Don't expect to get it right your first try..." Well, I thought I could do it anyway, I was going to break the mold and get them perfect on the first shot! Nope, didn't happen. I actually tried a total of 5 times before I had the on in a way that didn't look completely fake, and two separate days! But eventually I got it!

Here's how I applied my lashes:

Step 1: Apply make-up as usual, but with a thicker line of eyeliner. The lashes will sit on your eyelid just above your real lashes. Having a thick line of liner will make it so you can't see the gap between your natural lashes and your false lashes if you don't place them in the perfect spot. Tip: Curl your lashes if you have straight lashes.

Step 2: Trim lashes so they are the appropriate width for your eyes. Do they by placing them above your lashes, then remove and trim to desired length with sharp scissors. Place back on eyelid to see if you need to trim anymore. Tip: Trim from the outside of the lash, leaving the shortest lashes toward the middle.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of glue, giving a bit extra to the ends of the lashes.

Step 4: Allow 20-30 seconds before placing the lashes to allow the glue to get tacky.

Step 5: Apply lashes, start by grabbing the middle of the lash either with your fingers or a tweezers and placing to the center of your eyelid, just above your natural lashes. Then press down the ends.

Step 6: Allow to dry then add a small amount of mascara to your real and false lashes to help them blend. Then look in the mirror and admire your beautiful lashes!

Here is a photo of my lashes, one eye natural, one eye with Kiss Lashes.

Big difference, right? Without them you can hardly tell I have lashes!

Step 7: Removing lashes. Use a q-tip. Dip the end into a bottle of oil free makeup remover and run across your lash line, then pull up from the outer corner and across. Using the same q-tip, rub it along the false lashes to remove any glue and mascara still on the lash. 

Step 8: You can re-use the lashes! So put them back in the case you got them and use them until you feel they need replacing. 

Disclosure: I received Kiss Lashes complimentary in my Jadore Vox Box for the purpose of testing them out. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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