Monday, March 17, 2014

#JAdoreVoxBox Review!

Thank you Influenster for the box of goodies!

The Valentine's #JAdoreVoxBox was full of wonderful things!

The participating brands include Vaseline, Kiss Lashes, Boots Botanics, RedRose tea, John Freida and Hersheys!

The Products: 

Vaseline Mens Spray

My husband and I had differing view points on this one. While he like the idea of it and the smell, he didn't like that the scent didn't fade. He isn't big into cologne and that is what it reminded him of.

I really liked the idea of the Mens Spray lotion. I liked the scent for my husband, but not for myself. So I went and bought the women's version! I'm very happy with it. It is easy to apply, dries fast and I like the scent.

Kiss Natural Lashes

Applying false eye lashes isn't as easy as it looks. For my complete thoughts of these lashes visit my "How to Apply Lashes" link. 

Boots Botanics Clay Mask

An all natural clay mask with willow bark extract! #powerofplant Check this link for full review. 

Red Rose Tea

Let me start by saying YUM! They sent me Lemon Chiffon Decaff and Creme Caramel. Loved this tea and WILL be getting more! The Lemon Chiffon tasted like lemon cookies! Great refreshing tea. Creme Caramel had a more subtle flavor, but still delicious! Sweeten with honey if desired!

Hershey Kisses

Really, who doesn't like chocolate?! This little boy (and the other-not pictured) were pretty lucky that I shared! Hershey's has some great ideas on their website for creative projects/crafts using Hershey kisses! 

Frizz Ease Three-Day Straight by John Freida

So I don't usually use product in my hair to straighten it, especially not in the winter. But I decided to give it a try. I was actually surprised at the fact that I could wake up the next morning and only have to do a few streaks with the straightener to get my hair looking perfect again. Normally I have to wet or wash and start all over because my hair is just a mess. But with Three-Day Straight I can go that extra day with straight hair. I am looking forward to trying this out come the humid months. Hoping it will keep my hair from going wavy this summer! 

Disclosure: I received these products free for review purposes from Influenster. However, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

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