Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rock-A-Bums Cloth Diapers *New Print Release* and Stash Giveaway!

Rock-A-Bums is at it again!

In November they released their new 2.0 diaper design with some great new features for their 5-in-1 cloth diaper:
  • Tummy panel! Yes, tummy panels are wonderful if you have a boy or tummy sleeper, and especially if you have a boy that is a tummy sleeper... which I do! Not having a tummy panel leads to leaks during sleep times. With the new design and tummy panel I could put this on my little man anytime during the day!

  • Two pocket openings! Ok, so what's the big deal with two openings. If you have never used a diaper with two pocket openings, man, once you do, you'll look down on all the single opening pocket diapers in your stash! Having two pocket openings means you do not have to un-stuff your diapers! No, really. I was a skeptic the first time I threw a double opening diaper into the machine with the insert still tucked inside. Well, sure enough, it agitated out on its own. Less mess for me to touch! Also the opening in the back is very generous, offering an easy space to stuff (especially for those huge daddy hands).

  • Two snaps instead of three. Easier to snap the diaper of a wriggly toddler. But don't worry all you hook and loop fans, there is still a velcro option! 
  • New fabric, proprietary to Rock-A-Bums, lining the inside of the diaper cover. It will quickly wick away moisture and it is hospital grade hypo allergenic. It is nice and soft toward the baby's skin, yet smooth on the inside so inserts will slide in easily!

  • Other Great Features: Two inserts! Each is topped with micro fleece, so it is safe to rest directly against your child's skin! They also have a snap on one end which you can snap-in in the front (my suggestion for a boy as AI2 option) or in the back (for a girl). There is a wider elastic band along top backside of the diaper to keep in messes. The one I just got has velcro closure, there are laundry tabs to secure the velcro tabs to so you can avoid them getting hung up on other diapers or inserts in the wash.

As I mentioned above this is a 5-in-1 diaper. If you aren't familiar with Rock-A-Bums, it means the diaper can be used in 5 different ways:

  • Pocket Diaper- Simply stuff the pocket with the insert.
  • All-In-One- Stuff pocket with insert and snap in. The insert will stay with the diaper while laundering.
  • All-In-Two- Lay the insert inside the diaper cover and snap/velcro on baby. No stuffing. This is possible because the top layer of the insert is not microfiber.
  • Hybrid- You can use any disposable liner in this diaper shell. Many people use them for camping, family vacations or visiting friends/family and don't have access to a washing machine.
  • Bomb Shell- I have not had any leaks with this diaper shell. This shell should keep in and contain all those poopy messes! You can even use it over a disposable diaper for extra protection. I remember before switching to cloth, anytime my son was on my hip and peed... well, I'd have to change my shirt. Bomb Shell over the top of a disposable could help protect my clothing!
  • Swim Diaper- Ok, I know I said it was a 5-in-1, but it also has a 6th use as a swim diaper. Simply put it on baby (or toddler) before heading out for a swim (without an insert) and you have yourself a cute swim diaper. No more chemical, bulging, gunky disposable swim diaper! 

What are they up to now?

Today they release their line of prints!

Each of the four prints comes in either a hook and loop or snap closure system. As far as the hook and loop goes, they have the best I have seen on cloth diapers with great laundry tabs that actually hold the tabs in the wash! 

Which print is your favorite? I really like Zanadu for a neutral option and Punk Plaid Pink would make a perfect addition to my stash for baby girl due in July!

That's not all... Rock-A-Bums has a great giveaway going on!

WIN an ENTIRE stash!

Visit Rock-A-Bums to enter for your chance to win a full stash of cloth diapers to get you through your little ones entire cloth diaper journey! That's 9 covers (winners choice of prints, solids, snaps or hook and loop), 18 inserts and 60 hybrid inserts! 

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Buy it: Visit the RAB website to purchase the 2.0 diaper for $16.95.  

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