Friday, March 7, 2014

Paint-less Tie-dye Snowflakes

It is March and I am sick of all this snow and cold weather... but there is no sign of spring in sight!  

So what do we do? Embrace the long winter with another snowflake craft!

This one is really easy and fairly mess free... unless your toddler is like mine, then it doesn't matter what you do, you'll have a mess!

Not much is needed for supplies:

Makers, coffee filter, scissors, pen, paintbrush and glass of water. 

First have your little ones color the coffee filters, they'll look something like this:

The top picture above is proof that my boys can *sometimes* play nicely together.

After they are colored, have them dip the paintbrush in water and paint the coffee filters. Set them aside until they dry or use a hair dryer (fastest method) to dry them.

Once they are dry, fold in half then in quarters, then in eighths. I drew some shapes on the folded filter for my 4 year old to cut out.

Once they are cut, unfold and you'll have beautiful tie-dye looking snowflakes!

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