Friday, March 1, 2013

Cloth Diapers - All-in-Ones

Thirsties Duo All-In-One

Simply, as the name states, these diapers are all-in-one. Meaning there isn't a separate insert, the soaker is sewn right into the diaper. There are many different designs for all-in-one diapers. Some have features that let you adjust the soaker for a boy vs. girl. Some have a 'pocket' to add extra absorbancy. Some are one size (grow with baby) some are sized. Depending on the diaper's design, these can be the most like a disposable.

 There are so many different designs of All-In-Ones.  This one has the soaker sewn in along the edges creating a tunnel in the middle for better dry time and the ability to add absorbancy if needed.

This is a close up of the inside of the diaper where the soaker is sewn as well as the tunnel design.

Pros of All-In-Ones:

  • Can be most like a disposable.
  • No need to carry inserts separate of shell, no stuffing diapers.
  • No need to purchase inserts.
  • Easy to use for caregivers or someone who isn't familiar with cloth diapers.
Cons of All-In-Ones:

  • Highest price.
  • Dry time is much longer.
  • Most variety from brand to brand. They are all very different. Must research each brand.
  • Usually don't last as long since you will more than likely be putting the whole thing in the drier. Most other diapers you can hang dry the shell (making the PUL last longer) and tumble dry the insert.

I have tried three brands of these: Thirsties Duo, Bum Genius Freetime, and Imagine.  All three of these diapers are VERY different. I will go over those differences when I do the reviews.

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