Friday, March 1, 2013

Cloth diapers...WHAT?!

I have had a lot of people asking questions about cloth diapers. So I have decided I would start a blog series all about cloth diapers! I will try to make a post a day.  This series will include information about getting started, what/how much you will need, how much you could save (or not save), how to wash, the different types (along with reviews of the ones I have used), where to buy, how to get free diapers (yay), and any other topics I can think of. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in a comment.

My Cloth Diaper Journey

When I was pregnant with Squirrel the manager and owner of the company I used to work for were trying to tell me all about cloth diapers. My ears were closed, I didn't want to hear it. My only thoughts were "Poop, gross! I don't want that in my washing machine!". I didn't think anything more on the subject, disposables were for me! 

We started potty training at 13 months (I know, it sounds early, but really it's not). Well, after cleaning out countless numbers of poopy toddler underwear I quickly got over the whole 'poop' thing. Seriously, I wasn't going to throw out every pair of underwear he pooped in. So they went into the wash.

I started researching cloth diapers and watched so many YouTube videos about cloth diapers. That was overwhelming, I didn't know how much was out there. They are nothing like your grandma used to use! No pins, unless you want them, but really... what a pain! I decided I would get one cloth diaper just to see it in person. I ordered one off EBAY from some cheapo no-name place in China, I paid like $2.50 plus shipping. Believe me, you get what you pay for. Anyway, once I got it I liked the idea, used it once or twice, just to check it out, knowing I wasn't going to use it on Jackson but more for when we had a second baby.  Then I threw it in the cupboard and there it sat, for a long time. 

Then when I got pregnant with Bug I did more research. I watched more videos and read on-line reviews. I was all set to take the plunge, but then before he was born I decided I was going to stick with disposables because I didn't want the extra laundry (something I HATE doing)!  When Bug was born I was happy with my disposable decision, but only for a couple months. He was/is breastfed, Squirrel was not. Breastfed baby poops are a bit messier (although don't smell at all as bad as formula poops). Every poop he had, up to 4-5 a day, leaked out of our disposable diapers! Every one! I kid you not! It was HORRIBLE! That is when I decided to go back to my cloth diaper research.

I ordered a couple more diapers on-line. Also diapers made in China, but mostly with better reputations. I ordered a Kawaii Pocket diaper and a Sunbaby pocket diaper. Both from EBAY. I liked the concept, they both were one size diapers so I could use them on Squirrel (3 years) for naps and overnight and on Bug (4 months at that time). I also went to All Things Diapers in Blaine and purchased a Flip Day Pack.
I will go into more detail about the diapers in later posts.

With three pocket diapers and two hybird shells w/6 inserts I started my cloth diapering adventure!

The best part, which is what sold me right away... the poops didn't leak! The paper (disposable) diapers could not absorb poop fast enough, where as the cloth diapers sucked it in right away which saved me from leaks. It was amazing! We have been using cloth for 8 months now and have only had a couple poop leaks. So happy I made the switch.

Like I said, in later posts I will go more into detail about the different types of diapers as well as how they work. They are super easy!

Tomorrow I will post about the most common types of cloth diapers.

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