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Cloth Diapers - WAHM

Work At Home Mom (WAHM) Cloth Diapers
Cherry Blossom Babies Review

Cherry Blossom Babies 
WAHM cloth diapers are made by moms who work at home, makes sense, right?
These diapers come in a variety of styles and have a variety of price tags.

This one was made by Cherry Blossom Babies. I ordered this diaper custom for Bug-A-Boo's first birthday. I wanted to have a special cloth diaper rather than a special first birthday outfit.

This is a one size diaper with a fold down rise. Meaning you can make it smaller by folding down the front of the diaper before snapping it on.

This is the diaper on its largest setting:

Here is  the diaper on its smallest setting. It can get pretty small because it has cross over 
snaps, meaning the wings can overlap and you can still snap the diaper (many 
diapers do not have this feature). 

This diaper is made with a cotton outer, a layer of PUL and a microfleece inner. 
It is considered an all-in-two. 

It has an insert that can be tri folded two different ways for a small setting or a large setting.  The soaker is made from hemp and has a velour upper.

When ordering you have to option of  adding a snap to connect the soaker to the shell.

A nice feature of this diaper is that it comes with snap covers. So when your baby is on the larges setting and the innermost snaps are not being used, you can attach the snap covers so the male end of the snap is not digging into baby's skin. 

Overall I like this diaper. I do not use the snap to keep the soaker in place because I don't like to trifold it. I only fold it once otherwise it is too bulky on Bug. This isn't a go-to diaper for me. It is more of a "show-off" diaper. I am sure I will use it a lot more come summer when Bug can run around without pants on. 

(disclaimer: this was a purchased diaper and a review was not expected, all comments are my own)

Pros of WAHM diapers:
  • You are helping support other mom's who have chosen to stay home with their children.
  • They come in many different styles (pocket, all-in-two, all-in-one, newborn, sized, fitteds, etc)
  • You can have them custom made; the size, style, color/print you want.
Cons of WAHM diapers:
  • Sometimes you could be on a waiting list for custom diapers.
  • You have to wait until scheduled 'stocking' to purchase, sometimes they are sold our pretty quick.
  • Price varies, some can be rather expensive.

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