Friday, March 1, 2013

Cloth Diapers - Hybrid Diapers

Flip Diaper Shell
 Hybrid Diapers

These diapers are known as All In Twos (AI2). Hybird diapers have a shell similar to pocket diapers only they don't have a microfleece liner sew on the inside. These diapers use inserts such as microfiber w/a microfleece or suede top layer, or a natural fiber like cotton, hemp or bamboo. You can also use a trifolded prefold or a folded flat diaper inside your hybrid shell. The shell is usually a synthetic material, again with a PUL lining to make it waterproof.
Most, but not all, hybrid shells have a flap in the front and back of the inside of the shell to tuck the insert in. This flap is also helpful in keeping poo from coming out the back of the diaper.

Pictured Left: Empty diaper shell showing flap in front and back, PUL, and reinforced snaps.

Pictured Right: Diaper shell with a microfiber insert that has a micro-suede top layer. You do not want to use an insert that would require baby's bum to be against microfiber, this could cause diaper rash.

Pictured Left: Close up of front flap.

Pictured Right: Close up of suede/microfiber insert. The suede is the upper layer, smooth, the microfiber layers are terry cloth.

Pictured Left: Two different microfiber inserts; left side is a Flip brand with suede upper, can be folded down to accomodate smaller babies or have more absorbancy in front or back. Right side is a Best Bottom insert with a micro fleece upper. This one is contoured to fit more trim between the legs. It is a sized insert, so there is a small, medium, and large.
Pictured Right are two differnt brands of prefolds. I use these tri-folded in the shell for nap time and overnights. The one on top is sized for a better fit.

Pros of Hybrid Diapers:

  • Very cost effective! You can use the shell multiple times, wiping the shell and replacing only the insert during a diaper change. I bought some previously loved cotton prefolds, 10 for $10, add that to the cost of one shell ~$15, that comes to $25 for a whole day of cloth diapering! :)
  • They are more trim since you do not have that added fabric layer.
  • You can easily adjust absorbency by adding another insert or booster.
  • Most come in one size options to grow with your baby.
  • Multiple insert options!
  • Not much bulk in the diaper bag for day trips. You only need one shell and a few inserts!
  • Some brands have snap in designs as well.
  • Quick drying time. Hang dry shells, tumble dry inserts.
  • Many color options to choose from!

Cons of Hybrid Diapers:

  • Add a bit of time to a diaper change, since you don't have the diaper ready to go, you have to take out the insert, then lay a new one in.
  • Some people don't like the idea of touching a wet insert to put it in the diaper pail. I avoid this by touching only non wet sections or by using the baby wipe (also cloth) to grip and toss.
  • Poop usually gets on the inside of the cover, so you may not be able to re-use the shell after a bowel movement. (but because of the flap in back, you shouldn't have any poop leaks).

This is my leak proof system for naps and overnight! I use the shell w/a tri-folded prefold!
During the day I use the Flip inserts or Best Bottom inserts.

The only brand of hybrid shell I use is Flip, I have tried one other, but I'll go over that when I do reviews.

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