Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Dirty Rag and Bib Solution

I have always been a paper towel kind of girl. Since I was a kid I have thought of rags as gross, germ-ridden, stinky, disgusting woven cotton loaded with bacteria.  Despite these feelings I recently decided I no longer wanted to use paper towels, or at least limit the use of them. We were going through a roll in just a couple days! We would use them to dry our hands, wash dishes, wipe the counters, well, for everything! I felt like we were wasting money and paper towels. So on my next trip to the grocery store I bought an 18 count package of dish rags. I still got some paper towels, but it was a start!

Since I am uber grossed out by dish rags there is a quick turn around rate for them in my house. I go through 3 or so a day. Each one has a specific 'task'. Both of the boys have a specific one for wiping hands and faces after meals, which are only used for one day, less depending on how yucky they get. I also have one for dishes, one for the counters and usually another one for miscellaneous tasks.

But when I had dirty wet rags that I felt were too germy to keep using, I didn't want to throw them in the dirty clothes basket so I put them in a corner of the sink. I then would end up with a pile of dirty rags in the sink. I needed to come up with a better plan for the mountain of bacteria ridden rags just sitting out in the open.

I was reading a blog post about high chairs. She was moving her son from a high chair to a booster on the dinning room chair. Her dilemma was that she no longer had a basket (attached to the high chair) for her son's dirty bibs. So she got a wet bag to attach to the chair. I decided to take this idea and run with it. I immediately started searching for wet bags that had a strap with a snap so I could hang it on my oven handle. When I searched Etsy I actually found wet bags that were made for the kitchen with two snap-on straps, but I didn't want to spend more than $15, so I kept looking. 

I went to All Things Diapers to get some more cloth laundry detergent and found a wet bag!  It is made by Bummis, a Canadian company.

This bag is perfect and was only $12.95! It is made from PUL (Poly-urethane-laminate) so you can put wet items in it and it won't leak out. This one is size small, they also have a medium and large bag.

It has a snap-on strap to and a zipper which helps keep smells contained inside the bag.

I also love the print. My dishes are Fiestaware, so I like the multi colors. The accent color in my kitchen is red and I hope to paint the walls yellow at some point.

Now when I have a rag I deem 'too dirty' I just toss it into the wet bag until wash day. The bag can also be tossed into the wash and the dryer, but I just hang dry. 

This is also perfect for all of Bug-A-Boo's dirty bibs.

It's a very sturdy bag that should last a long time. I'll probably get another one for my cloth diapers.

I have been fairly successful at not using paper towels. My husband still prefers them, I think it'll take a while to get him used to washable towels. He still refuses to use cloth baby wipes!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor did I receive any product. I was not asked to write a review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

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