Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Simply Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Just Simply Baby is a family owned company in Georgia. All of the products they sell are made in the US, with the exception of their pocket diapers.
They have chosen to host their manufacturer outside of the US for better pricing. They have a great relationship with the manufacturer to ensure quality and enforce US guidelines.

The JSB pocket diaper comes in many different colors and prints. The one pictured is currently called Dr. Seuss, but has also been marketed as Candy Cane. 

These are one size diapers ranging from 7-38 lbs.

Pictured on the left is the diaper on it's smallest setting, cross over snaps allow for a good fit around the waist of a newborn baby.

The picture on the left shows the diaper on it's largest possible setting.

The picture on the right shows the diaper on the medium rise setting, with one of many possibilities for waist sizing.

The pocket opening for this diaper is on the top in the back. There is nothing fancy here, just a pocket opening. There are no flaps to hide or tuck the insert.

Some of the JSB diapers have double leg gussets. These really help hold in that breast milk poo. If you want the double gussets, make sure you double check that the diaper you are looking at purchasing actually has them, as not all of them do.

Here is the diaper fully open with and insert peeking out.

These diapers all come with two inserts, each consists of three layers of microfiber terry. 
They also sell bamboo and organic hemp inserts.

Pros of JSB:
  • Cross over snaps, gets extra small for the newborns.
  • Come with 2 inserts.
  • Can get double leg gussets.
  • Affordable ($11.50/diaper)
  • Multiple color and print options.
  • Easy stuffing.
Cons of JSB:
  • They are made in China.
  • I don't like where the pocket opening is. I prefer a bit of a flap, which helps keep poos from leaking out back.
  • No tummy panel. I get leaks if I use this for sleep times with my tummy sleeping boy.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor did I receive any product. I was not asked to write a review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

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