Monday, March 4, 2013

Cloth Diapers Pocket Diaper Review- bumGenius

 bumGenius Pocket Diaper

This is a one size diaper featuring a snap down rise to fit babies from 7-35+ lbs. Snap down for a small or medium fit or keep it unsnapped for a large fit.

Comes in a snap or hook and loop (like velcro) closure. H&L is easy for those who aren't as familiar with cloth diapers, but also easier for babies to remove as well. Snap closure option has two snaps on each side, one on top of the other. 

Each bumGenius diaper comes with two inserts. A newborn insert and a larger insert. The newborn insert works well for newborns or as an added soaker with an older baby or for naps and overnight.

Tabs are stretchy, allowing for a better fit.

This diaper's outer fabric is a soft water proof PUL (polyurethane laminate).

Left: close up of outside fabric.

Right: close up of waterproof PUL.

This pocket diaper is lined with suede cloth to wick moisture away from baby and toward the microfiber insert.
 Left: close up of suede cloth inner.
 Right: inside of diaper. Notice the blue strip on the bottom of pic, which is the front of the diaper. This helps prevent tummy leaks, great feature for tummy sleepers or boys.

The pocket opening for this diaper has an extra flap to cover the insert. What is great about this is it will help hole in urine for an extra saturated diaper but will also keep poo from going up and out the back of the diaper.

You can also see the elastic for the leg openings. It is really soft and comfortable. Does not dig into baby's skin.

It also has 'laundry tabs' for hook and loop closure option. This means that there is a place for the hook and loop tabs while the diapers are washing to prevent the hook and loop from sticking to other diapers in the wash.
The diaper comes with a newborn insert and a one-size insert. The one size insert has two snap settings to adjust the soaker to the setting of the diaper for a better fit. With a newborn only the smaller soaker will be needed, after a few weeks you'll need to switch to the one size soaker. As baby gets bigger yet you can use both inserts for extra absorbancy for heavy wetters, naps or overnights.


I really like this diaper. Of all the pocket diapers I have, this is the only one with the tummy panel for extra protection. I have a boy, who tends to leak out the top of diapers! That makes this my favorite pocket diaper in my stash.

I honestly don't have any cons for this diaper, when compared to other pocket diapers.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to do this review, nor did I receive the diaper or 
any compensation for this review.

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