Friday, March 29, 2013

Thirsties Duo All-In-One Review

The Thirsties brand diapers have what they call a Duo sizing system, two sizes of one size diapers to fit from birth to potty training. Duo size one is for weight range of 6-18 lbs, size two fits between18 and 40 lbs.

Their line of diapers includes pockets, covers, fitteds, all-in-ones and more.

They all feature a small-medium-large snap down rise.

Variety of colors and really cute prints.

Snap or hook and loop closures.

This is the first all-in-one diaper I tried. 

The diaper is lined with micro fleece.

The soaker is three layers of microfiber topped with micro fleece.

The soaker is sewn in only on the sides. This unique tunnel design allows for a more thorough cleaning, a quicker dry time, and the ability to add absorbancy. 

The soaker does not require folding or tucking, makes for a quick and easy diaper change. A great diaper for grandparents, babysitters, even husbands!


This diaper does not work well for us, here is why.

I have chunky boys.

The size two diaper claims to fit to 40 lbs, most one size diapers list 35 lbs as their max. This to me is strange since the cut of this diaper is smaller than the cuts of all my other diapers. It does not fit my 3 year old. Whereas diapers saying only to 35 lbs fit him and have extra room.

Because of the way the snaps are arranged for the snap closure, there are only two waist settings.

The snap closure was really tight on Bug for a while. He was pretty chunky but is now starting to thin out. It is still a bit snug on the widest setting, but it no longer digs in. Another downside with a chunky baby is that the back of the diaper does not fully cover Bug's butt cheeks.

We also don't like this diaper because of the soaker placement. The soaker only reaches the top of the diaper when it is on the smallest rise setting. As you increase the rise, the soaker, which is sewn it, gets lower in the front. So there is a couple inch gap (see second picture from top) between the soaker and the top of the diaper.  This may be fine if you have a girl, but I have boys. Because the soaker is so low, when Bug pees, it pretty much misses the soaker. So we always have tummy leaks.

I am however holding on to most of these. I plan on having one more baby and who knows, it could be a skinny girl! In that case these would work really well!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor was I asked to write a review. All opinions express are 100% my own.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I haven't purchased any true AIOs yet. I guess I will have to cross this on off my list. I don't need more leaks in my life :)