Friday, March 29, 2013

Greening My Laundry Routine- Part 1

When you wash cloth diapers you have to use cloth safe detergent that is free from fragrance, chemicals, colors or other additives. There are many out there to choose from. I started with Rock In Green and like it a lot, so I had no reason to switch or try something new.

Then I was looking at the website for my local cloth diaper store, All Things Diapers, when I saw something that caught my eye.

They sell Charlies Soap in an 80 load container. First off, it is a little cheaper than Rock in Green, but the best part... since All Things Diapers uses Charlies Soap for their cloth diaper service, they'll offer a re-fill of your 80 load container for $12.99, which is $3.00 less than buying it off the shelf. Not only do I save the extra money, but I also am producing less waste by not getting another container.

So, I switched. Figured it couldn't hurt and if I didn't like it, I could go back to Rock in Green.

After I got home I was reading the label for Charlies Soap and it recommended washing a load of towel/rags to clean out all the gunk, chemicals, and other residue left behind in your washing machine from the 'traditional' laundry detergent. But since I only use this detergent for cloth diapers, it wouldn't make sense to clean it, unless I cleaned it before every cloth diaper wash (not happening!).

That is when I decided to switch all my wash to Charlies Soap. It only made sense. Why go between two different detergents?

Charlies Soap only recommends a table spoon of powder for a large load, way less than I was using of the liquid Wal*Mart stuff! When you take that into account, it is much better value, per container.

I am hoping this may be less irritating to Bug's eczema. He doesn't seem to be too bothered by it, but I didn't know if the traditional detergent could be making it worse.

I am glad I made the switch. I am saving money, supporting a local family-owned business, using less chemicals, producing less waste, and simplifying my wash routine!

Part 2 will discuss getting rid of dryer sheets!  *Hint* There may even be a giveaway! :)

Thirsties Duo All-In-One Review

The Thirsties brand diapers have what they call a Duo sizing system, two sizes of one size diapers to fit from birth to potty training. Duo size one is for weight range of 6-18 lbs, size two fits between18 and 40 lbs.

Their line of diapers includes pockets, covers, fitteds, all-in-ones and more.

They all feature a small-medium-large snap down rise.

Variety of colors and really cute prints.

Snap or hook and loop closures.

This is the first all-in-one diaper I tried. 

The diaper is lined with micro fleece.

The soaker is three layers of microfiber topped with micro fleece.

The soaker is sewn in only on the sides. This unique tunnel design allows for a more thorough cleaning, a quicker dry time, and the ability to add absorbancy. 

The soaker does not require folding or tucking, makes for a quick and easy diaper change. A great diaper for grandparents, babysitters, even husbands!


This diaper does not work well for us, here is why.

I have chunky boys.

The size two diaper claims to fit to 40 lbs, most one size diapers list 35 lbs as their max. This to me is strange since the cut of this diaper is smaller than the cuts of all my other diapers. It does not fit my 3 year old. Whereas diapers saying only to 35 lbs fit him and have extra room.

Because of the way the snaps are arranged for the snap closure, there are only two waist settings.

The snap closure was really tight on Bug for a while. He was pretty chunky but is now starting to thin out. It is still a bit snug on the widest setting, but it no longer digs in. Another downside with a chunky baby is that the back of the diaper does not fully cover Bug's butt cheeks.

We also don't like this diaper because of the soaker placement. The soaker only reaches the top of the diaper when it is on the smallest rise setting. As you increase the rise, the soaker, which is sewn it, gets lower in the front. So there is a couple inch gap (see second picture from top) between the soaker and the top of the diaper.  This may be fine if you have a girl, but I have boys. Because the soaker is so low, when Bug pees, it pretty much misses the soaker. So we always have tummy leaks.

I am however holding on to most of these. I plan on having one more baby and who knows, it could be a skinny girl! In that case these would work really well!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor was I asked to write a review. All opinions express are 100% my own.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Puj Big Hug Product Review

Squirrel is all about something new! When I told him he was getting a cool new bath towel  from Puj called the Puj Big Hug, he was really excited! He asked if it would come in the mail. I told him it would, but we would have to wait a couple days. A week had passed and there was a box sitting on the door step. I opened it up and showed it to Squirrel. He put it on right away and said "It's like a bird!" as he flapped his 'wings'.

The Puj Big Hug is a hooded bath towel for children between the ages of 2 and 8. It is designed to promote independence in the after-bath routine. The towel has two arm pockets for the child to put their arms into. Once their arms are in the pockets all they have to do to dry off is give themselves a big hug.

The towel is made from 100% cotton terry and is very squishy soft.
The seams are reinforced and covered for comfort and to prevent fraying.

There is also a soft silicone tab on the hood. This is meant to foster independence by allowing the child to hang the towel up all on their own. The tab is BPA and PVC free.


Squirrel liked the towel so much he started dancing! We barely got him to sit still for a decent picture.

He is almost four and in the 75th %ile for weight/height but as you can see, there is still room for him to grow in this towel. We will be getting a lot of use out of the Puj Big Hug in the years to come!

 He then decided it was the perfect cape... so he needed to put on his Batman mask.

When he had finished saving Gotham City, he was more than happy to hang his towel on the hook all by himself! He had to stretch a bit, but he got it.

Overall we really like the Puj Big Hug, it is super soft, thick and warm. Not only did it give Squirrel the independence to dry off on his own and hang it up, but it also brought about creativity. 

The Puj Big Hug can be purchased from Puj and on Amazon.

Now through May 31, 2013 when you purchase the Puj Hug or Puj Big Hug use code PUJHUGS10 at checkout to receive 10% off!

Disclosure: I received the product from Puj to facilitate my review. All comments made are my own and are my honest opinion.

Monday, March 25, 2013

LEGO Club Magazine

Does your child like LEGOs? 

At our house we love DUPLO building blocks, they are our favorite. Squirrel has loved them since he was a baby and Bug is really enjoying them now too! 

I just set up a two year subscription for Squirrel to LEGO magazine for free! You can too! 

Just click here to get started!

Trpical Traditions Coconut Oil Winner!

Jennifer J. entry #173!  Congratulations! Check your e-mail!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Proofing- The 2nd Time Around

I think I got pretty lucky with Squirrel. He got into stuff, yes, but he wasn't super curious. He didn't continually try to get into cupboards that he wasn't supposed to go into, pull out the drawers (and all their contents), or think the toilet was the one thing in the bathroom he just had to play with. I only put child safety locks on the cupboards that had cleaning products in them. I told him what cupboard he could play in, the reusable storage container cupboard, and he pretty much stuck to it. The only place I had a gate or barricade was at the top of the stairs.

Bug-A-Boo is very different! He loves to explore. It also seems that he loves to go into places I have told him he cannot go into. He'll get close, then wait for me to see him. As soon as we make eye contact he smiles then goes for the cooking/bakeware cupboard or the craft cupboard. I have been thinking about putting locks on those cupboards as well, but not only is that a pain, but the craft cupboard is in a place that Squirrel can easily access it. So I don't want to put a lock on that cupboard and I surely don't want to show Squirrel how to open the child locks. I am so sick of following Bug around the kitchen and dining room to keep him from getting into stuff!

One of his other favorites is the floor vent. He learned that he can lift the vent out of it's place. I figured if I ignored it, and kept a close eye on him, that eventually he would get bored of it and move on. Well instead, he figured out that without the vent cover, he could throw stuff down the vent! It was good that the first thing he tried throwing down there was a piece of paper, so it got caught up on the side of the vent. I tried to keep the vent stuck down with sticky tack, but it didn't work. He was eventually grabbing toys and bringing them to the vent for the purpose of throwing them down. It is SO frustrating!

Last week my husband came home to a re-arranged living room. He was a little confused at first, but needed little explanation. Since both the floor vent and the craft cupboard are in the dining room I decided I would move the couch. I put it between the dining room and living room to somewhat block Bug from going into that area. It works a little, but he can still get around the couch or go through the kitchen to get to the dining room. 

Today I pulled out the other baby gate. I put it in the kitchen entry way. Then I put a chair in the space between the couch and the wall.  This seems to work to keep him contained in the living room, at least until he realizes he can move the chair.

I didn't have to go through this much with Squirrel. Maybe it was because he was my only child and I could pay more attention to him, maybe Bug just has a different temperament. I have noticed a few other temperament differences as well. Bug throws tantrums. Squirrel never really did, at least not at that age. At 3 he is having a few more tantrums, but nothing horrible.  When Squirrel was a toddler, if you took a toy away from him, it wouldn't phase him, he'd just grab another. If you take something away from Bug, or move Bug away from something he wants, he throws a fit! Sometimes I can't help but laugh, even though I know I shouldn't.

Another thing that makes baby proofing hard is having a 3 year old! He has so many toys that are choking hazards for babies. As much as I try to keep it all in his room and away from Bug, I am still finding little toys all over the place. Squirrel is a magnet for coins too! Somehow he find them then carries them around and ditches them where ever. Usually in a place his brother is playing. On multiple occasions I have seen Bug with a small toy or coin that Squirrel carelessly placed somewhere, but I have to remind my self that he is only 3 so I don't get too upset.We are trying our best to teach Squirrel what he can and cannot have around his brother. Sometimes he seems to get it, other times he just forgets.

What challenges have you run into with baby proofing? Do you have a child who likes to explore or one that is less curious?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Review

I have always enjoyed making my own baby food.  I also love the convenience of pouch baby foods, so when Infantino chose me to host a "Fresh Squeezed" party I was really excited!  Their Fresh Squeezed line is all about steaming, mushing, pureeing and squeezing baby food into convenient on-the-go pouches. Plus all of the products are Phthalate, BPA, and PVC free.

I couldn't wait to unpack the product!

First up was the Peppy Puree. My initial thoughts were that it looks very similar to my other small food processor. There is one button which is used to operate the processor, the lid must be locked on before the button will engage. When it comes to baby foods, I don't do much measuring, but I thought it was neat that it had markings on the side for easy measurement, with a max fill of 1 1/2 cups.

Next up is the Steam n' Smush.The first things I noticed were the base and the grips on the handle of the bowl, smusher and lid. They are a nice no slip grip. The bowl will not slide around on the table or counter. It also seemed very sturdy and easy to clean.  I was really excited to try this out! I initially wasn't going to use the product until my Fresh Squeezed party, but I couldn't wait! This is something everyone should have, I'll get to the details later though!

This is the Squeeze Station in the storage position. There are three plastic tubes which you fill with your puree, up to 4 oz servings. It also has four grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.

There are two different types of pouches you can use with this system. One is a disposable pouch. It holds approximately 4 oz. of puree and can be placed in the fridge for use within a couple days, or the freezer for longer storage. Ten bags come with the Squeeze Station. Bags can also be purchased separately in a 50 count case. Each bag comes with a cap. These caps are larger than prepackaged pouch caps to prevent a choking risk.

The other option is a reusable pouch. It is made from silicone and has a handy loop hook and travel cap.

Either pouch can be used with or without the squeeze spoons, which are sold separately. These are designed specially for the Fresh Squeezed pouches. They come in packs of two and have a convenient carry case as well as a loop hook.

One reason I really wanted to test out the Fresh Squeezed product line was because I have a picky 3 year old. I can't get him to touch a vegetable for anything! But he loves to eat out of pouches and will even eat fruit/veggie combos. The pouches are truly the easiest way to get veggies in him because he thinks the pouches are a treat. Little does he know he is getting a wonderful serving of fruit and veggies! Just don't tell him it's a trick!

I also have a 13 month old. We did Baby Led Weaning with him, which means we did not feed him purees but went straight to sensible soft or steamed whole foods and he fed himself. I introduced purees in pouches while we were on family outings when he was about 9 months old. Pouches are a convenient way to feed him when we are away from home.

There are two problems with conventional pouches...
1. They are costly- Most of them cost upwards of $1.50 each.
2. You are limited to a handful of food combination options.

This line solves both of these problems!

Party Time!!

When I hosted my Fresh Squeezed "Fresh Food for the Whole Family" party, we tried to use only the products in the Fresh Squeezed line.

We did however, have to use a basket steamer and sauce pan for steaming because we had to steam way more than the Steam n' Smush could handle.

The Steam n' Smush is my new favorite 'gadget'. I steam something for Bug almost every day. This makes that process so much easier. The picture below shows a full apple serving diced and peeled. This is the perfect steamer for one size servings! The packaging did not include any directions, so I guessed. I put a little bit of water in the bottom of the bowl and put it in the microwave for two minutes. The apples came out perfectly steamed! If you are someone who steams fruits/veggies for your little one on a daily basis, you'll definitely want to get one of these.

The inside of the bowl has ridges which aid in the smushing process by holding the food in place. The smusher gave the apples a chunky applesauce texture.

The Steam n' Smush is also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Next we used the Peppy Puree. We were all fairly disappointed with it. The Peppy Puree did not do a very good job puree-ing, which left our foods lumpy and difficult to use in the Squeeze Station. I do not recommend to Peppy Puree. My blender does a much better job at giving me the perfect puree. It is also inconvenient if you are making large batches of baby foods, as you can't make a lot at a time.

After we had all our purees ready to go we were ready to package them with the Squeeze Station.

To package the puree, you first slide the pouch into the channel. Once it snaps into place you screw the tubes onto the pouch from the top of the Squeeze Station. While it is easy to use, you don't save time by having three tubes. Each time you press the food into the pouch, you have to disconnect the pouch before you can remove the plunger, otherwise the food will suck back into the tube. So it isn't as quick as going from tube to tube, then removing and capping pouches. You have to squeeze one, remove pouch from station, and cap the pouch before moving on to the next. Another problem we came across was the inconsistency of the puree from the Peppy Puree. Because it left chunks in the baby food, it would clog up the squeeze station. But when I made purees with my blender I had no issues with clogging what-so-ever.

With that being said, I still like the system and would recommend it to anyone who makes their own baby food. Pouches are so easy! This is much better than the ice cube tray method. The pouches can go straight into the freezer until you are ready to use them. No transferring cubes to another bag, or having to package them again when you are leaving the house for the day. You can either thaw the pouches in the fridge, on the counter, or in a bowl of hot water. The pouches are not to be put in the microwave.

Here is the final product. Each pouch has a space to write in the date it was made and the contents of the pouch.

Here is my picky three year old eating a puree of squash, apple and strawberry out of the re-usable pouch.

He liked the puree, but had a hard time getting it out of the pouch. The re-usable pouch does not collapse like the disposables do, instead it is cylindrical in shape. So it isn't as easy as sucking out the puree. You also have to squeeze the pouch from the base and work your way up. It was even difficult for me to get all of the puree out. The shape also made filling it a bit more difficult. In order to fill it with the squeeze station you have to hold the pouch as flat as you can before screwing on the filling tube. Other wise the resistance from pressure will not allow you to fill the pouch.

  • I highly recommend the Steam n' Smush. I have been using this pretty much every day to steam veggies for my 1 year old. Quick, easy, cleans up well.
  • I highly recommend the Squeeze Station for anyone who makes their own baby food and enjoys the convenience of pouches.
  • I would not recommend the Peppy Puree because of the inconsistency and chunks left in the puree.
  • I would not recommend the re-usable pouch because it is difficult for a child (even adult) to successfully remove the puree.
  • I haven't used the spoon attachment. I just let my kids suck out of the pouch. I don't see the spoons as necessary for our family. 

Disclosure: I received the "Fresh Squeezed" line from Infantino to facilitate my review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Favorite Cloth Diaper

My favorite cloth diaper system is the Flip system.
What makes this my favorite system is it's versatility and design. The Flip system is a two part system. You have the diaper cover and the diaper soaker. Unlike a pocket diaper there is no stuffing involved. You simply lay the soaker inside the cover and attach to baby with snaps or hook and loop. 

The diaper cover is a one size cover with a three snap rise. It can be adjusted to fit babies from 8 to 35 lbs. While it does get pretty small I would recommend newborn diapers for newborns. Most one size diapers are big and bulky on newborns. It has two rows of waist snaps, with two snaps on each wing. The picture on the right shows the diaper on the smallest waist setting and largest rise setting.

One nice feature, which also saves money, is that you can use the cover multiple times between washings unless it is soiled with poo. So during a diaper change you put the soiled soaker in your wetbag or drypail, wipe out the cover, then place a clean soaker in the shell and put back on baby.

Pictured below is the diaper cover fully opened. You can see that it has a flap to tuck in the soaker both in the front and back of the cover. The front flap also helps prevent tummy leaks for boys and babies who sleep on their tummy. The back flap is great for keeping poo from going up baby's back.

Now on to the versatility. You can use pretty much any soaker you want in these diapers. The only soakers I would not recommend would be microfiber that do not have a layer of micro fleece or micro suede to protect baby's bottom. It is not good to have baby's skin against microfiber. 

Flip makes four types of soakers for their diapers. Stay dry, organic (day or night) and disposable (yep disposable)!

Stay dry inserts are three layers of microfiber topped with a layer of micro suede. This is a one size soaker that you fold down to adjust from small to large so it fits appropriately in the diaper cover. The organic day time soakers are similar to a flat diaper that you fold to the correct size and place in diaper. The night time soaker is similar to a prefold. You adjust the size by folding in one direction or the other. I have never even considered using the disposable inserts (I am kind of an all or nothing girl when it comes to cloth diapers). I have heard they are great for longer vacations when you don't have access to a washing machine and for camping. We have yet to go camping with Bug, but even if we did, I know I have enough cloth diapers to get us through a few days, we wouldn't go any longer than that with a 1 year old anyway!

Pictured below is a Flip Stay Dry insert inside the diaper cover as well as a close up of the micro suede/ microfiber. It is as simple as placing the soaker inside the shell and tucking under the flaps.

My first Flip purchase was the Flip Day Pack. The day pack has two diaper covers and six stay dry inserts. I think I paid just under $50.

I also use Best Bottom stay dry soakers, regular prefolds and Imagine Smart Fit prefolds in my Flip covers. Best Bottom is another two part system, but I didn't like the shell, so I traded someone for another Flip shell. The Best Bottom shell does not have flaps in the front and back, instead it has snaps to hold the soaker in place. We got wet tummy leaks and poo explosions up the back, I also HATED snapping and unsnapping the inserts, just pointless extra work. But I like the Best Bottom Stay Dry soakers, so I kept those to use with the Flip covers.

Here is a picture of the Flip soaker (left) and the Best Bottom (right). Again, Flip is one size that you fold down. Best Bottom soakers are sized. So you buy a different size for each rise setting on the diaper. While it isn't as cost effective to buy all the sizes of the soakers, it make for a more trim fit. I also like that Best Bottom's soakers are contoured.

This is my out-and-about diaper. The shell and soaker make for easy day trips. It is a trim fit, but I also don't have to carry around a bunch of diaper shells. One will usually get me through outings. So I just have to put a soaker or two in the diaper bag.

Here are the two different types of prefolds I use. The one on the bottom is just a regular Indian/Chinese prefold. The one on top is Imagine Smart Fit size large (these only sold at Smart fit prefolds are sized so that you get the best fit under diaper covers. Both of these get tri-folded and placed in cover. But with the Indian prefolds you have to fold down the top, even on the largest diaper rise setting, so you get a lot more bulk in the diaper. The large Smart Fit require no folding down. It fits perfectly in the diaper cover on the large setting.

This is what I use for naps and overnights. The ONLY diaper system I use for naps and overnights. I rarely get leaks. Everything else I have tried leaks either at the tummy or the leg gussets. I have more luck with the organic cotton soakers than microfiber when it comes to nighttime diapering.

Because you can re-use the cover, use almost any type or brand of soaker you want, get a great fit for daytime and nighttime diapering, and trimness/ light packing for going out, this it my favorite diaper!

What is your favorite diaper? Is it different for daytime/nighttime use or while out on the town?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor did I receive any product. I was not asked to give a review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Calming The Teething Baby

Bug started getting his teeth when he was 5 months old. His first two came in rather quick, then about a month later his top teeth started coming and and the biting while nursing started (that's a whole different story). I always knew when he was getting another tooth because he would start biting again. By the time he was 10 months old he already had 8 teeth! Since about 11 months his gums have been swollen from his molars. They are taking forever to come in! I knew I couldn't just keep giving him Tylenol and teething tablets, but I also could tell he was uncomfortable. 

I then discovered Amber Teething necklaces. 

An amber teething necklace is not something baby chews on. It is a necklace they wear, that should not be long enough to go into the mouth.

How it works:
The relief of teething pain does not come from pressure on the gums.  Amber contains succinic acid, which is a natural analgesic (pain reliever). When warmed, such as by body heat, the succinic acid in the amber is released and absorbed into the skin and through the blood stream. 

 There is a knot between each amber bead, so if it should break, you'll only loose one bead, rather than the whole necklace falling apart.  

They come in different lengths and colors. Raw amber works better than polished amber and lighter amber also has more succinic acid than the lighter colored amber. 

For the necklaces to do it's job it has to be under the clothing touching baby's skin.

I got one for Bug when he was about 11 months old. So far I like it. These molars have taken so long to come in and it relives some of the discomfort, or seems to anyway, I can't really ask him. He still has days where he is particularly crabby, such as today, and I'll give him teething tablets. When the teeth are actually emerging I give him some Tylenol. I feel bad for the little guy, the darn teeth have been bothering him for so long, I just wish they'd come through all ready!

He has never really been one for teething toys. When he started teething he wasn't old enough to really get anything into his mouth. So far the only teething 'toy' that has worked for us was a plastic baby spoon. I had to be really careful though that he didn't roll over or fall over with it in his mouth.

I also have a pendant teething necklace that I wear. 
This one is actually for baby to chew on, so it gives relief through pressure on the gums. It's great because I can wear jewelry and it is safe for Bug to chew and tug on. It is also nice for going out. I don't have to worry about his teether falling on the grocery store floor or the pavement in a parking lot, we all know that babies like the throw it on the floor and watch mommy pick it up game!

What are some teething remedies that have worked for your little one?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review nor did I receive and product. I was not asked to write a review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Dirty Rag and Bib Solution

I have always been a paper towel kind of girl. Since I was a kid I have thought of rags as gross, germ-ridden, stinky, disgusting woven cotton loaded with bacteria.  Despite these feelings I recently decided I no longer wanted to use paper towels, or at least limit the use of them. We were going through a roll in just a couple days! We would use them to dry our hands, wash dishes, wipe the counters, well, for everything! I felt like we were wasting money and paper towels. So on my next trip to the grocery store I bought an 18 count package of dish rags. I still got some paper towels, but it was a start!

Since I am uber grossed out by dish rags there is a quick turn around rate for them in my house. I go through 3 or so a day. Each one has a specific 'task'. Both of the boys have a specific one for wiping hands and faces after meals, which are only used for one day, less depending on how yucky they get. I also have one for dishes, one for the counters and usually another one for miscellaneous tasks.

But when I had dirty wet rags that I felt were too germy to keep using, I didn't want to throw them in the dirty clothes basket so I put them in a corner of the sink. I then would end up with a pile of dirty rags in the sink. I needed to come up with a better plan for the mountain of bacteria ridden rags just sitting out in the open.

I was reading a blog post about high chairs. She was moving her son from a high chair to a booster on the dinning room chair. Her dilemma was that she no longer had a basket (attached to the high chair) for her son's dirty bibs. So she got a wet bag to attach to the chair. I decided to take this idea and run with it. I immediately started searching for wet bags that had a strap with a snap so I could hang it on my oven handle. When I searched Etsy I actually found wet bags that were made for the kitchen with two snap-on straps, but I didn't want to spend more than $15, so I kept looking. 

I went to All Things Diapers to get some more cloth laundry detergent and found a wet bag!  It is made by Bummis, a Canadian company.

This bag is perfect and was only $12.95! It is made from PUL (Poly-urethane-laminate) so you can put wet items in it and it won't leak out. This one is size small, they also have a medium and large bag.

It has a snap-on strap to and a zipper which helps keep smells contained inside the bag.

I also love the print. My dishes are Fiestaware, so I like the multi colors. The accent color in my kitchen is red and I hope to paint the walls yellow at some point.

Now when I have a rag I deem 'too dirty' I just toss it into the wet bag until wash day. The bag can also be tossed into the wash and the dryer, but I just hang dry. 

This is also perfect for all of Bug-A-Boo's dirty bibs.

It's a very sturdy bag that should last a long time. I'll probably get another one for my cloth diapers.

I have been fairly successful at not using paper towels. My husband still prefers them, I think it'll take a while to get him used to washable towels. He still refuses to use cloth baby wipes!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, nor did I receive any product. I was not asked to write a review. All comments are my own personal opinion.

Just Simply Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Just Simply Baby is a family owned company in Georgia. All of the products they sell are made in the US, with the exception of their pocket diapers.
They have chosen to host their manufacturer outside of the US for better pricing. They have a great relationship with the manufacturer to ensure quality and enforce US guidelines.

The JSB pocket diaper comes in many different colors and prints. The one pictured is currently called Dr. Seuss, but has also been marketed as Candy Cane. 

These are one size diapers ranging from 7-38 lbs.

Pictured on the left is the diaper on it's smallest setting, cross over snaps allow for a good fit around the waist of a newborn baby.

The picture on the left shows the diaper on it's largest possible setting.

The picture on the right shows the diaper on the medium rise setting, with one of many possibilities for waist sizing.

The pocket opening for this diaper is on the top in the back. There is nothing fancy here, just a pocket opening. There are no flaps to hide or tuck the insert.

Some of the JSB diapers have double leg gussets. These really help hold in that breast milk poo. If you want the double gussets, make sure you double check that the diaper you are looking at purchasing actually has them, as not all of them do.

Here is the diaper fully open with and insert peeking out.

These diapers all come with two inserts, each consists of three layers of microfiber terry. 
They also sell bamboo and organic hemp inserts.

Pros of JSB:
  • Cross over snaps, gets extra small for the newborns.
  • Come with 2 inserts.
  • Can get double leg gussets.
  • Affordable ($11.50/diaper)
  • Multiple color and print options.
  • Easy stuffing.
Cons of JSB:
  • They are made in China.
  • I don't like where the pocket opening is. I prefer a bit of a flap, which helps keep poos from leaking out back.
  • No tummy panel. I get leaks if I use this for sleep times with my tummy sleeping boy.

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